mercredi 19 octobre 2005

Shout at the "needle" !

Frank Ferrana change son nom pour Nikki Sixx en 1980 et connaît une carrière et un succès extraordinaires avec Mötley Crüe le temps de cinq albums, de Too Fast For Love à Dr. Feelgood. Extrémiste frappadingue, fêtard invétéré, icône autodestructrice ayant ingurgité plus d'alcool et de drogues que Lemmy Kilmister et Keith Richards réunis, Sixx est la rock star absolue, anti Kurt Cobain doublé d'un trompe-la-mort qui doit bien en être aujourd'hui à sa neuvième et dernière vie... Totalement impudique, honteuse, révoltante mais encore plus drôle qu'une élection de chef de parti chez les Verts, The Dirt, l'autobiographie du Crüe, est un must-have pour qui veut savoir ce qu'est le rock n' roll way of life poussé à son paroxysme (et au delà). Nikki Sixx en est le personnage central et sélectionner des morceaux choisis s'avère difficile : chaque page contient au moins une anecdote hilarante / obscène / incroyable / dégoûtante (plusieurs réponses correctes possibles). Pot-pourri... :

As I shot more and more cocaine, paranoia set in and soon I hardly let anyone in the house. I would sit naked day and night. My veins were collapsing and I would scour my body to find fresh ones : on my legs, my feet, my hands, my neck, my dick. I started seeing people in trees, hearing cops on the roof, imagining helicopters outside with S.W.A.T. teams coming to get me. I had a .357 Magnum, and I'd constantly hunt for people in the closets, under the bed, and inside the washing machine. I called my home security company so often that they warned patrol men to answer my alarms with caution because I had pulled a loaded gun on so many of their employees... 

« We thought we had elevated animal behavior to an art form. But then we met Ozzy (...). He was a trembling, twisting mass of nerves and crazy, incomprehensible energy, who told us that when he was in Black Sabbath he took acid for an entire year to see what would happen. There was nothing Ozzy hasn't done and, as a result, there was nothing Ozzy could remember having done. We hit it off with him from day one... »

« It was so funny that everyone thought I was dead after having overdosed, that as soon as I returned home, I walked to my answering machine and changed the message. « Hey, it's Nikki. I'm not home because I'm dead ». Then I went into the bathroom and pulled a lump of heroin out of the medicine cabinet (...). I woke up the next afternoon sprawled across the bathroom floor with the needle still dangling out of my arm. The tile floor was covered with blood. I passed out again. Somewhere, far away, a phone rang. "Hey, it's Nikki. I'm not home because I'm dead" »...

Frank Ferrana became Nikki Sixx in 1980, before experiencing fame and multinational stardom with the Crüe up until Dr. Feelgood. As a true autodestructive badass, anger-and-drug-driven partying motherfucker, Sixx is THE rockstar in all its indecent splendour. So stop reading that shit, help yourself with a tequila and The Dirt, a funny-as-fuck account of our hero’s misdeeds !

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